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Herb Caen’s Beautiful Words on the 75th Anniversary Birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge

May 27th, 2012 No Comments

Herb Caen’s tributes to the Golden Gate Bridge were many in the sentimental columns he wrote every Sunday in The SF Chronicle.  I thank The Chronicle for stitching together this moving tribute of snippets from his observations  about “this mystical structure with it’s perfect amalgan of delicacy and power . . . the car-strangled spanner.” And perhaps his most insightful observation in this piece, ” That there is no stupidity great enough to ruin the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge. It has been the subject of terrible poetry and worst paintings. But it rises easily and grandly above the mundane, it’s towers poking through  the fogs, natural and man-made. Don’t worry about the party, the bridge is it’s own celebration today and every day.”

Anne Gust — Jerry Brown’s secret weapon

February 10th, 2011 No Comments

What kind of woman would marry Jerry Brown, especially as he hit 70 years of age?

That was the question underlying the profile of his wife Anne Gust that I did for San Francisco magazine in January 2011, in time for Brown’s inauguration to his third term as governor.

Turned out Anne Gust is focused, disciplined and decisive, qualities that needed a little boost in her mate. But what she brought to his underdog campaign for governor was profound. Brown’s opponent, Meg Whitman, had served on the Gap Inc. board of directors while Gust was its chief operating officer.

As the article details, this meant Gust knew exactly how Whitman would act under pressure. Gust was even able to predict what Whitman would say at debates.

What a marriage!